Artful Footprints

Ever wondered how to make footprints for your art projects? Well, here’s one idea.

Take your hand and make a fist, on the pinky side of your “fisted” hand put ink or paint. Press the inked fist down on a piece of paper. At the top of the impression you just made, use your finger in the same ink or paint to make little toes on the top.

This is a fun one to experiment with, try using right or left hand and try with different paints and papers. Great for baby scrapbook pages and cards. There are so many possibilies!


Fingerprint art

Use a stamp pad to color the tip of your thumb (black works best but, you can use any color). Press your thumb down hard on a piece of paper (white is best) so make the impression of your thumb print. Using the thumbprint, make a creature or person with pencil or ink.

You can use other fingers too to make different designs.

(make sure to wash your finger as soon as you are finished with your fingerprint impression)