Got the hickups?

Try some peanut butter as a cure. It’s not the peanut butter itself that works but the difficulty in swallowing it that may help cure your hickups. Eat one heaping teaspoon full and take your time swallowing it – as you chew, use your tongue to get the peanut butter off the roof of your mouth and your teeth. Your breathing pattern will change and therefore may rid you of those misserable hickups!


Skiing getting sticky?

When you are leaving for your next cross-country ski adventure, and don’t have time to apply a proper coat of ski wax – take a can of WD40 or light cooking spray with you. You can simply spray a little oil on your skis right before hitting the tails for a great non stick adventure! Just a light coat will do it.

Cutting your own bangs

Have you ever tried to cut/trim your own bangs and end up with a “strange and crooked” looking bang?  I have done it more times than I can count. Here is a great tip to help prevent that “uneven” look in the future.

Start out by dampening your bangs and comb them straight down. Be sure not to wet your hair too much, it makes it stretch out a bit when it’s too wet and you will then end up with your bangs too short when they dry.

Place a piece of masking tape over your bangs just above where you want to cut them and press down lightly so the tape sticks. (If you hair is too wet, the tape won’t stick) Now use the bottom of the tape as a line to trim along.  Be sure to use small, very sharp scissors to get the best cut.

Hair bangs

Cutting you own bangs

When done, remove the masking tape and you’ll have the best “do it yourself” trimmed bangs ever.

Fighting a cold?

Increase chicken soups cold-fighting properties with garlic! Yep, add a little garlic to your chicken soup and it will help boost it’s power against the common cold.