Tea and twine?

To keep a ball of string/twine from knotting and easily available: store it in an old teapot that you don’t use. Thread the string through the spout of the teatop and put the “ball” in the main part of the teapot. When you need a piece of string or twine, simply pull a piece of of the teapot spout and cut off at the length you need. The rest of the ball is ready and waiting for you in the teapot.


Keep those cardboard tubes!

There are many uses for cardboard tubes to help you organize and store things.

Store knitting needles in them

Keep fabric scraps in them

Wrap Christmas lights around them to keep the lights from getting tangled

Preserve childrens artwork in them

Store important documents without creases

Pants can be wrapped around a cardboard tube for wrinkle free dressing from your suitcase

Protect flourescent lights until they are ready to use, or for safe disposal

These are just a few ideas, I’m sure you can think of more.

Donate or Trash?

Next time you are thinking of donating clothes, furniture, pots and pans or whatever to you local Thrift store, consider the condition of the items you are bagging up to donate. Are they really just “gently used” and truely “reusable” or are they trash? 

It can cost your local thrift store hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to throw away all those -donations- that are really trash. Sort your things first and throw away what really isn’t reusable before you donate so that the thrift stores can use their funds to help their particular community rather than paying the trash bill! Thanks.

Freshen up –

Freshen up your closets – take an empty jar, punch holes in the top, put some baking soda in the jar (about 1/2 full), screw on the top and place on the floor in your closet. It will help remove those musty smells and keep everything in your closet fresher smelling.